A change of seasons is the time for families to head outside to enjoy the view from their decks. A clean, well-finished deck provides a beautiful and relaxing spot for your family to enjoy. If your deck has loose boards, nails or railings, or an overly weathered look, then Speed Square Home Repair has the quality craftsmanship to repair and restore to original luster. A simple power washing combined with a fresh coat of stain or paint will bring your deck back to life.

Power Washing

Through out the year Mother Nature adds dirt and grime to your exterior surfaces. Speed Square Home Repair has the equipment to properly clean patio furniture, deck surfaces, play sets, paved walkways, patios, driveway and other access areas.

Window Wells

Window wells are a great feature to allow sunlight into the basement and living space. However when leaves, spider webs, nests or debris fill the space, the natural light is lost. Speed Square Home Repair will clean out dirty window wells and install proper well covers. If a standard cover is not available then one will be custom built to fit the space and client needs

Privacy screens and Fencing:

Propane, gas or oil tanks, air conditioning and heating units are essential to living, but exterior devices create an unsightly disruption to the natural landscape and diminish curb appeal. Clients have expressed highest satisfaction with the discreet and unobtrusive screens produced by Speed Square Home Repair. While providing a visual barrier to the tank or HVAC element, there is still a readily accessible access point for service and repair.