Speed Square Home Repair provides quality craftsmanship to add value or keep your home in top form, both from an interior and external perspective.

Doors Interior and Exterior

The daily annoyance of a door that does not work properly creates a security risk as well as heat and cooling liability. Regardless of the season, the house has settled, or the original frame was never properly installed, a door that doesn’t stay latched is an invitation to natural and human predators. Speed Square Home Repair will adjust or refit knobs, hinges, plane or sand problematic areas to restore the door to a proper fit and function. If an older door is beyond repair, a new door may be the best solution. If an exterior door is too drafty then weather stripping can be added to improve efficiency keeping air—warm or cold—on the right side of the home.


If your home needs a cosmetic enhancement then Speed Square Home Repair can help with crown moldings, casement molding, base trim, and wainscoting that add the finishing touches to make a home more valuable and showcase your style. Speed Square Home Repair always makes every effort to match existing molding profiles, if needed to maintain the look, style and integrity of the home.


If you are looking to upgrade, improve, or repair existing windows, Speed Square Home Repair has you covered. After twenty plus years the efficiency of windows may be compromised. Windows installed at or before 1997 may not meet current efficiency ratings. Speed Square Home Repair will provide insulation and R-Factor solutions to meet your current living needs and national codes, Services range from replacing broken glass panes, repair of sash cords, as well as installing new replacement windows. Additionally, screen repair or screen replacement is part of our expertise